University Outreach Program
Global certification program for educators in Blockchain Engineering and Blockchain Compliance spanning around the 55 countries worldwide
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology.
It's already reshaping industries, but it still has challenges to overcome.
Industry needs people
Our center is founded on the principle of investing in people - the most valuable asset in today's fast-paced world. We firmly believe that the key to building a better future lies in developing human capital and nurturing a highly skilled workforce.

Through our comprehensive educational initiatives and business programs, we strive to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in the blockchain space.
People need to be educated
University Outreach Program
global movement driving blockchain innovations in academia
The University Outreach Program collaborates with institutions worldwide to foster disruptive and groundbreaking innovations in the blockchain industry within academic and scientific environments.
Teachers' Training
Blockchain Engineering and Blockchain Compliance
This strategic move is set to pave the way for educational reform
Teachers play a pivotal role in driving this initiative forward.
In our quest for sustainable, long-term outcomes, we are committed to providing training opportunities for teaching staff.
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Pilot in Kazakhstan
The World's First Nationwide Blockchain Education Initiative
In February 2023, University Outreach Program was introduced in 22 universities and 14 regions throughout Kazakhstan. A total of 321 educators successfully attained certification after completing the intensive 14-week training, qualifying them to instruct in the fields of blockchain engineering and blockchain compliance.
coverage of students by 2026
educators in the program
Program Stages
Universities selection
Each university is assessed based on specific criteria, including:

  • Academic freedom
The extent of academic freedom demonstrated by the university.

  • IT & Law disciplines
The availability and scope of disciplines of law and information technology.

  • Employment rate
University’s performance in employment-related metrics.

  • Global rankings
An extensive evaluation of universities through global rankings, providing a wider view of their international status and academic recognition.

University onboarding

During the initial stage of university onboarding, the management of potential participating institutions is approached to establish formal participation agreements. The universities are systematically allocated to specific groups, facilitating focused and purposeful collaboration with their respective faculty members.

Educators onboarding
We're dedicated to helping our faculty thrive in their educational roles by offering them the necessary support, resources, and guidance.

Here's how it works: The university administration suggests a list of potential faculty members for the program. These individuals then go through a detailed assessment, including an interview and a review of their CV. If the evaluation goes well, the faculty member becomes a part of the program and gets an invitation to actively participate. They also receive all the materials related to the program and can easily connect with our mentors.
Educators training
The faculty members' training commences with an extensive 20-week blockchain engineering course. Throughout the training period, faculty members actively participate in a series of lectures and practical sessions.

Halfway through the training, faculty members undergo a mid-term examination, serving as an important checkpoint in their educational journey. At the culmination of the 20-week training, the faculty members are required to submit a final paper, showcasing the depth of knowledge they have acquired during the course.
The conclusion of the 20-week Blockchain Engineering course for faculty members signifies a notable achievement in their pursuit of becoming certified educators in blockchain technology.

Upon successfully submitting their final project, comprising both a paper and a video, educators are eligible for graduation, acknowledging their dedication and accomplishments in their studies.

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